Friday, October 4, 2013

Today in English Class we talked about movie titles and arguments between those movies. We talked about what you might think the movie might be about before you go see it. What the movie might be about based on the movie title. Like for example First Blood clearly states that it’s going to be action movie packed with fighting, killing, and a lot of blood. Then the Sylvester Stallone is a big name so that’s really going to attract big crowd of people to come out in watch the movie. In the way he is standing with a machine gun shows that he is going to do some damage in the movie. Another example is Last Chance Harvey which is a love story on the way the cover looks. In looks like he is whispering something in her ear to make her smile and laugh or maybe he’s trying to make his case for her take him back. But it also looks boring but that’s just my opinion because I’m not a big fan of romantic movies. Also we use Rocky as an example too. Because he was standing on a building with his hands up showing that he has won something or reach victory. 

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